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Swimming to Adventure

After a whole 123 swims in 2017 I'm now in a great place. I've been measuring the temperatures of all my swims since last September, the lowest which has been 0.7°c, I'll be measuring all swims throughout the year now.

Unfortunately the ChillSwim didn't happen this year but after being in 4°c for four minutes I can't wait till the next one! Keeping me warm now are my mitochondria-packed brown-fat cells which burn energy and produce heat, which you can feel on the back on my neck.

What adventures are next? I'm not sure but they are going to be very interesting, keep on checking back to see what's happened!

Swimming on average every 1.95 days this year.

Gurnal Dubs 3.8°c
1 - January 1st

New Years Day - 4 mins in the water :-)

Esk Falls 3.0°c
2 - January 6th

Very windy sunny wild swim adventure, need to go back!

Coniston 6.1°c
3 - January 6th

Warmer sunset swim, very happy after an amazing day out.

Blea Tarn 3.2°c
4 - January 7th

Had to break some ice for a focused two minute swim.

Yew Tree Tarn 2.4°c
5 - January 8th

2cm thick ice cracking dip, a very exciting day!

High Dam 2.5°c
6 - January 8th

2cm thick ice cracking dip, a very exciting day!

Gurnal Dubs 1.2°c
7 - January 9th

Breaking the ice to swim today :-)

Buoy 13 6.1°c
8 - January 12th

Swimming to the Buoy and back in 10 minutes!

Buckstones Jump 4.1°c
9 - January 13th

Wim Hof Workshop - Cold Expsoure with a bit of swimming.

Brathay, Windermere 5.5°c
10 - January 14th

Three minutes in the water for a short swim.

Secret Waterfall 0.7°c
11 - January 16th

Night + Snow + Waterfall + 0.7°c Water + Gillie + Me = AWESOME!!!

Secret Waterfall 2.4°c
12 - January 18th

Hidden away in an adventure of snow :)

Alcock Tarn 0.9°c
13 - January 20th

Had to break the ice, the swim was amazing!

Harrop Tarn 2.5°c
14 - January 26th

Beautiful feather ice, swimming for about 4 minutes.

Holme Fell Reservoir 4.5°c
15 - January 26th

Short walk to the tarn on a beautiful sunny day!

Bowscale Tarn 3.8°c
16 - January 30th

Snow on the tops, wind in my face and cool water.

Yew Tree Tarn 6.4°c
17 - January 30th

Wamest swim this year, able to say in for longer which was healthy.

Birkwith Cave 4.1°c
18 - Feburary 1st

Epic adventure that made me very happy.

Elter Water 4.5°c
19 - Feburary 4th

First time in Elter Water

Gurnal Dubs 2.8°c
20 - Feburary 6th

5.5 minutes swimming around in the beautiful snow!

Yew Tree Tarn 3.4°c
21 - Feburary 7th

Pre sunrise quest for ice!

Holme Fell Reservoir 4.0°c
22 - Feburary 7th

Thicker ice, some nudity!

Buoy 13 5.4°c
23 - Feburary 9th

Windy and waves, embrace the waves!

Gurnal Dubs 2.5°c
24 - Feburary 12th

Cold Birthday Swim! 6 minutes in the water, swimming about 140 meters

Buoy 13 4.9°c
25 - Feburary 16th

Another Birthday, another good swim, 15 of us in the lake :D

River Kent 8.1°c
26 - Feburary 20th

Swimming with a friend, not really going anywhere with the powerful flow.

River Kent 6.4°c
27 - Feburary 22nd

First time in a new spot with a good friend, must remember more clothes when it's winter.

Buoy 13 5.9°c
28 - Feburary 23rd

Frosty morning, peaceful swim on the calm water.

Angle Tarn 1.9°c
29 - Feburary 24th

Walking on 6 inches of ice is the feeling of serenity.

Blackbeck Tarn 1.7°c
30 - Feburary 25th

Today I made a proper ice hole!

Gurnal Dubs 1.8°c
31 - Feburary 28th

Breaking though 1.5cm ice, great fun!

Bouy 13 5.3°c
32 - March 2nd

A brisky wind, it was colder getting out.

Secret Waterfall 1.4°c
33 - March 3rd

My waterfall was snowed over so we made a hole and had a lot of fun!

Gurnal Dubs 1.8°c
34 - March 4th

Another ice hole before the spring sets in.

Gurnal Dubs 1.8°c
35 - March 5th

Floating naked on ice :D

Gurnal Dubs 3.1°c
36 - March 9th

Still ice to break, misty and cold on the skin.

Gurnal Dubs 4.4°c
37 - March 11th

Two lengths in just less than 6 minutes, wasn't that cold.

Buoy 13 6.7°c
38 - March 11th

Swan lake :D

Buoy 13 5.7°c
39 - March 13th

To the buoy and back :)

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