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Curious Adventures in 2019

Two years of swimming now, lets see where the water takes me!

Swimming on average every 1.55 days this year. 138 days (04th Jun) until 100 swims!

Local Temperature Gauge Windermere Gurnal Dubs Others

Millerground 8.3°c
11 - January 14th

Be brave, be bold, be fun!

Gurnal Dubs 6.6°c
10 - January 14th

Sticking you head under water requires clear water, this is not.

Millerground 8.3°c
9 - January 12th

I wanted to jump in but being choppy, I thought it wasn't ideal.

Millerground 8°c
8 - January 11th

I just got in and had a quick dip.

7 - January 8th

An exciting find on a curious mission to explore ;-)

Hard Tarn 4.9°c
6 - January 6th

My happy place :)

Rydal Beck 6.1°c
5 - January 5th

Finally got my head underwater after three weeks and it felt amazing!

Blea Tarn 6.3°c
4 - January 5th

Chilly willie dip, didn't feel warm outside the tarn at all. My knees were grey!

Gurnal Dubs 6.8°c
3 - January 2nd

It was a mill pond when we got there.

Ullswater 8.1°c
2 - January 2nd

First time in Ullswater, the water feeling grateful for my presence.

Loughrigg Tarn 7.8°c
1 - January 1st

Sunshine and lots of friend around makes for a good swim :)