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Curious Adventures in 2019

Two years of swimming now, lets see where the water takes me!

Nine swims in ice this year!

I got a little competitive at the Scottish Winter Swimming Championships at Loch Tay, for the 50m Headsup Breaststroke I came in at 1:00.56 and won in my age group and third male overall! 4th out of 33 swimmers overall. Before leaving I got to swim around in the snow which was beautiful!

Swimming on average every 1.49 days this year. 67 days (29th May) until 100 swims!

Local Temperature Gauge Windermere Gurnal Dubs Others

Windermere 7.9°c
55 - March 22nd

Slowly warning up but actually feels colder...

Stockdale Bridge 9.1°c
54 - March 21st

The beautiful tree has fallen down and is now blocking the swim spot!

Stockdale Beck 8.8°c
53 - March 21st

A new waterfall and pool to play in!

Windermere 7.3°c
52 - March 20th

Birthday swim for James

Levers Water 4.9°c
51 - March 19th

Oh and back to ice water :D

50 - March 19th

A new spot thats amazing!

River Sprint 7.8°c
49 - March 18th

The water was the only thing to make me happy today.

Little Langdale River 7.1°c
48 - March 15th

A bit windy but the water is warmer!

Loch Tay 4.9°c
47 - March 10th

Swimming in the snow, it's amazing!

Loch Tay 5.4°c
46 - March 9th

4 x 50m team relays - lots of fun in my horny outfit!

Loch Tay 5.4°c
45 - March 9th

50m Headsup Breaststroke WINNER in my age group!

Loch Tay 5.8°c
44 - March 8th

Testing the windy Loch before the Scottish Winter Swimming Championships.

Colwith Force 6.6°c
43 - March 7th

Very wild in the river and so much fun!

Millerground 6.1°c
42 - March 4th

There be snow on those mountains again :D

Millerground 6.3°c
41 - March 3rd

Swimming in the rain with Lindsey Cole!

Near Ambleside 6.3°c
40 - March 1st

A curious river adventure to make me smile :D

Millerground 7.1°c
39 - March 1st

Breaststroke Practice

River Sprint 8.0°c
38 - February 27th

Working on my breast stroke!

Millerground 6.7°c
37 - February 26th

Ice 50 meter training!

River Sprint 8.3°c
36 - February 25th

The rivers are warming up with the winter summer!

Millerground 6.5°c
35 - February 22th

A cold skin morning

Millerground 6.2°c
34 - February 20th

It was raining :D

River Sprint 5°c
33 - February 19th

Underwater camera and a raging cold water fall, so much fun!

River Sprint 7.5°c
32 - February 18th

Warm water, followed by tea and cake.

Millerground 6.5°c
31 - February 16th

Windermere is warming up!!!

Harrop Tarn 5.6°c
30 - February 16th

I brought 11 swimmers together in the water for a fun swim, cake and laughs! Birthdays are fun :D

Millerground 5.8°c
29 - February 15th

A shivery start, lots of people's birthdays and we could not see the mere!

Goats Water 4.3°c
28 - February 14th

Such a dramatic place to swim, if only a little cold to get in haha

27 - February 14th

Adventure is all part of the journey to explore.

Millerground 5.9°c
26 - February 12th

Birthday Swim!

Millerground 5.8°c
25 - February 11th

Wild swimming is one amazing way of making you happy!

Gurnal Dubs 4.3°c
24 - February 7th

First training swim for Scottish Winter Swimming Championships!

Gurnal Dubs 2.7°c
23 - February 3rd

Four friends having an ice dip for the first time! #ice

Gurnal Dubs 2.2°c
22 - February 2nd

Afternoon: Head under with the new cap was warm, plus some ice skating! #ice

Gurnal Dubs 2.1°c
21 - February 2nd

Morning: Floating on the ice again! #ice

Gurnal Dubs 2.1°c
20 - January 31st

Sunshine, snow, ice and my amazing friend Gilly #ice

Millerground 5.8°c
19 - January 30th

Cold water swimming and snow on the ground #snow

Harrop Tarn 1.8°c
18 - January 29th

So I had to take the day off work for an epic adventure! #ice

Millerground 6.6°c
17 - January 26th

Didn't swim far due to my rib, need to get it fixed.

Blea Tarn 2.3°c
16 - January 24th

Thicker ice this time, a beautiful place for an adventure! #ice

Gurnal Dubs 2.8°c
15 - January 21st

We had to hunt for the ice but there was a little bit to play in #ice

Blea Tarn 2.3°c
14 - January 19th

Hungover, hurting ribs, oh look more ice to play in! #ice

Yew Tree Tarn 3.0°c
13 - January 18th

First Ice swim of the year #ice

River Sprint 2.9°c
12 - January 17th

Love the cold water at night :D

Millerground 6.8°c
11 - January 14th

Be brave, be bold, be fun!

Gurnal Dubs 5.1°c
10 - January 14th

Sticking you head under water requires clear water, this is not.

Millerground 6.8°c
9 - January 12th

I wanted to jump in but being choppy, I thought it wasn't ideal.

Millerground 6.5°c
8 - January 11th

I just got in and had a quick dip.

7 - January 8th

An exciting find on a curious mission to explore ;-)

Hard Tarn 3.4°c
6 - January 6th

My happy place :)

Rydal Beck 4.6°c
5 - January 5th

Finally got my head underwater after three weeks and it felt amazing!

Blea Tarn 4.8°c
4 - January 5th

Chilly willie dip, didn't feel warm outside the tarn at all. My knees were grey!

Gurnal Dubs 5.3°c
3 - January 2nd

It was a mill pond when we got there.

Ullswater 6.6°c
2 - January 2nd

First time in Ullswater, the water feeling grateful for my presence.

Loughrigg Tarn 6.3°c
1 - January 1st

Sunshine and lots of friend around makes for a good swim :)