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Photography by James Kirby

The Green Photographer

My aim in life is to be green, not the colour but environmentally. There's plenty of things I do to keep my part of the world a better place, most of which you should be able to do yourself.

  • While most people seem to struggle with the dependance of a car, I don't have that dependance. I've grown up riding mountain and road bikes all around the Lake District so as much as possible, ride to the events I photograph. If riding the bike isn't an option, then I can always catch a bus or train, then walk to where I need to be on the courses. Averaging around 1000 kilometres per year! I'll get lifts with people to events that are not near any local transport infrastructure and still take the bike if needed to get around independently. You can see how many events I've been to and how far I've been here

  • I'll leave no trace of my presence at locations I photograph from. Often there's no need to pick up any litter as there isn't any in remote locations, it there is then I'll pop it in my bag and dispose of it when I find a bin. Anything I bring with me is taken back to be recycled or binned if it's unfortunately single use plastic. You can find out more how keen I am on picking up litter

  • I would encourage event organisers to put up recycling points and not to use single use plastics at events, unfortunately though the intelligence of the human being seems mostly to be to lazy to follow these simple instructions of which bin or recycling bin to use for these endeavours to be actioned correctly, trying is the first step to less use of the worlds resources.

  • My camera is digital as is my workflow, if ever I use a printer, it's about once or twice a year and often isn't for my business. I can access all my event planning on my phone, as well as mapping to navigate myself around.

  • Any water I consume while outside is via multi use bladders or flasks, I've even got suitable sized mugs for tea's!

  • Maintenance on my bags, coats, cameras, bikes, shoes and other items I use while out on events keeps everything going longer. Buying a lot less new kit saves on journeys/CO2 from delivery companies.

  • If I've finished using a product, depending on it's value, I'll either sell it on or take it to the charity shop.

I hope you can learn from my examples and use them while you are at an event or even in your daily life.